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Zion National Park – St George Utah

Zion National Park – St George Utah

Zion National Park is a famous park in southwestern Utah. Located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert regions, the famous park houses diverse animal and plant species in its four life zones (desert, riparian, woodland, and coniferous forest. Aside from the healthy growth of flora and fauna, the vast rocky area also offers adventure trips and activities to people who come to Utah.

The Wonders of Zion National Park

The astounding park was first known as the Mukuntuweap National Monumant. Mukuntuweap is a Paiute Indian term meaning “straight arrow.” The name was changed to Zion National Monument and it gained more fame as a national park afterwards.

The naturally rocky park is home to high plateaus, narrow and deep canyons, rock towers, and mesas. All these highlight the beauty of Utah’s rocky formations and unique land. Its most famous natural landmark is perhaps the towering Great White Throne, a mountain made of white Navajo sandstone. It towers up to 2,350 ft and can be seen from many locations through Zion Canyon. The Great White Throne is often used as a symbol of the park.

There is also what is famously called the Three Patriarchs, which consist of three massive cliffs of Lower Jurassic age. The cliffs are made of Moenave Formation, the Kayenta Formation, and the massive Navajo Sandstone. The Three Patriarchs are visible from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and the Watchman Campground Area.

Angels Landing is another natural wonder of the Zion National Park. It is a rock formation that measures up to 1208 ft tall, with sharp drop-offs and narrow paths. There are chains provided for the hikers at the last half-mile to the top. Despite the strenuous trail, hiking up to Angels Landing is still worth it because oit is considered as one of the most spectacular in the area.

The Virgin River Narrows, or simply the Narrows, is a part of canyon on the North Fork of the Virgin River. It is one of the premiere hiking trails on the Colorado Plateau, and is one of the most popular activities in the park. There will be the through-hike of The Narrows, and the hike to The Narrows itself.

Another great wonder of the Zion National Park is the Kolob Arch, the world’s largest arch. This natural arch is set close to a cliff and can be reached by hiking. It is one of the most sought after wonders in the Zion National Park.

Activities and Recreation

There are many more natural wonders in Southern Utah’s amazing park, all of which promotes the astounding beauty of rock formations and natural environment. Among others that you can also watch out for are the Watchman, the Checkerboard Mesa, the Emerald Pools, and the Hidden Canyon.

Zion National Park promotes hiking, rock-climbing, and scenic drives for tourists and guests. With the popularity of the park and the unique features it offers, it is only natural that southern Utah is also a great destination for people who hunger for adventure.