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Yoga Centers – For Spiritual Enrichment

Yoga Centers – For Spiritual Enrichment

Yoga is a unique science which provides a very balanced, integrated and scientific approach of life. There are a bunch of yoga centers around the world which gives physical fitness and mental peace. But it is quite tough to find an inspirational yoga center. Here, we have listed some inspiring and motivational yoga centers that positively ooze yoga in all manners and styles.

If you are in dire need of spiritual enrichment or a big change in your life, visit the Clare Island Yoga Retreat, set on 240 acres of land on the eastern end off the coast of Ireland. With its beautiful rugged island location, sustainable outlook and volatile weather, the center run by true yogis is a perfect place to know your inner self. Consciously designed ecologically traditional island cottages contribute to a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The various yoga sessions provide insightful and rewarding experience; to give you the feel of being in a truly magical place.

Bali, a wonderful mountain village of Indonesia has become the retreat center of choice for an eclectic mix of yoga teachings. The Ashtanga Yoga Research Centre in Nyuh Kuning Village of Ubud offers all forms and styles of yoga; it is pretty easy to find the one that suits you. The center provides sessions on Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra, step-by-step. Ashtanga center gives individual attention and aims at personal growth and practice of students. Focusing on the science of Ayurveda, the teachings also integrate Tantra into the practices of Ashtanga. The place can be the best spiritual bang for your practice of yoga in a refreshing way.

Adventure and Yoga go well together in Big Sky Yoga Retreats in Montana. A perfect blend of beautiful mountain scenery, rich wildlife and an active yet relaxed pace which comes all together to offer you the opportunity for a true self-discovery. Morning sessions on the cabin porch, healing with horse riding sessions and enormous outdoor activities are followed and if this doesn’t recharge your batteries, nothing will.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram, located in the foothills of Western Ghats in Kerala is a right place for those who love to immerse fully in Yoga. Situated on the premises of Neyyar Dam, the green coconut tree groves and lake views offer an ideal atmosphere for a perfect yoga session. Various classes are conducted to promote the science of Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Alcohol-free diet and silent meditations let you to the intense experiences of life.

Goa, the Indian city lined with white sandy beaches not only allures beach vacationers but is also a peaceful heaven for Yoga practitioners. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, on the beaches of the Arabian Sea specializes in Ashtanga Yoga courses. The center with an amazing lush garden itself provides an amazing ambiance to deepen and explore your practice. Accommodation in fine cottages, vegetarian meals, and friendly staff service makes your retreat holiday, a comfortable one.

Nestling in a green and tranquil valley in the south of France, Domaine De La Grausse, is just the right place for a relaxing yoga vacation. Domaine De La Grausse, fully restored and modernized from the ancient Chateau Fort of the 12th century offers fully traditional accommodation to guests. Apart from the common sessions, individual treatments like Reiki, Gentle Massage, Energetic Massage, Foot Reflexology, etc rejuvenates body as well as mind.

No doubt these places can offer great spiritual enrichment and relaxation. So a chance to experience yoga from any of these places shouldn’t be missed.