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What You Need To Know About St James, Barbados

What You Need To Know About St James, Barbados

Worldwide, Barbados holidays are known for great beaches and picturesque scenery. This is also the reason why professional photographers regularly fly to Barbados for photo shoots for magazines and ads. And within all 11 district of Parish in Barbados, St. James houses the most popular and fantastic coastline of the island. Furthermore, it has been tagged as the square of the world’s rich and famous.

St. James is situated within the Platinum Coast or West Coast of Barbados-a selection of upscale resorts and restaurants. This is a magnificent spot where most of the 500,000 tourists annually stay and indulge. According to many Bajans, properties within the 6-mile stretch of the Parish are owned by 18 prominent billionaire’s of the planet. Here, visitors during Barbados holidays will never tire of staring and gazing at the glitzy and glamorous beach mansions, breathtaking scene of sunset as the horizon turns orange to violet, the cool breeze gushing from the seas, the white gleaming sand and the crystal clear aquamarine waters. All of these are inside a hub that is St. James.

Mango Bay, Treasure Beach and Discovery Bay are just three of the most famous beaches surrounding the beautiful Caribbean island. Not only is this Parish known for the beaches to die for, but also with activities that are sure to tighten the bond of families and friends. Every 2nd week of February, Holetown Festival is held and this is a great chance for tourists to immerse with the Bajan culture and enjoy food and parties. This is a celebration of the fusion of African and English traditions. People can expect live band performances, historical programs and vibrant parades during this festival. And because, it is guaranteed free for all, February is regarded as the peak season of tourism in this district. Expect that hotels and lodges will be fully booked during this Barbados holidays season, so it is highly advised for guests to make reservations ahead of time. Holetown is the largest city in St. James.

Shopping is also one of the attractions within St. James during Barbados holidays. The three malls that enhance tourism within the area are the Chattel House Village, Sunset Creek, and the West Coast Mall. Tourists can enjoy shopping spree of luxury and branded items absolutely tax-free; passport and return ticket are required before availing the said promotion. Indeed, a joy that paints within the heart of a shopaholic.

And just like some of the other 10 Parishes, St. James houses the finest churches within the Caribbean. The St. James Parish Church that has attracted thousands of tourists every year was built in 1628. It was restored shortly after the fire that burnt the whole building in 1700’s. Other spiritual centers include St. Albans Church and St. Francis of Assisi.

The population within the district of St. James is said to be at 25,110 and around 4% of them are employed in the tourism industry. And it is 40 minutes-drive away from the capital city, Bridgetown.