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What Mike Filsaime, Alex Jeffreys, Frank Kern and Maria Andros Ought to Know

What Mike Filsaime, Alex Jeffreys, Frank Kern and Maria Andros Ought to Know

If you are even slightly interested in being able to market on the internet you will most likely have come across the names of Mike Filsaime, Alex Jeffreys, Frank Kern and Maria Andros.

They are all GREAT marketers, very successful in financial terms and travel extensively. They appear to live the lifestyle many of us dream of BUT at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old woman, don’t they know when you drive you should concentrate on the road?
Videos have become increasingly popular and are a fantastic way to build relationships. For those brave enough to get behind the camera it’s a great way to connect to targeted audiences. The idea is to be yourself and act natural. No-one explains that better than the video queen herself, Maria Andros. 
Since Frank Kern did it, there has been an increasing trend for videos to pop up being filmed inside a moving vehicle and my question is – how many people do you know who normally drive along staring at the passenger window and talking to themselves? If I did it I’d be considered somewhat “strange”, and even more of a hazard to road users than I already am. I’m geographically challenged at the best of times and hate driving, but I have noticed when these super marketers go on their journeys there’s never any traffic around so maybe I’d feel differently if I lived where they do!
Anyway, all joking aside, this brings me to the point of this article  and that is the need for insurance.No , I don’t just mean car insurance,  but travel insurance and it’s something even these highflying marketers need to consider, especially as they clearly travel far more than the average person.
My friend has just told me the sad tale of a family who have spent thousands of dollars in airfares, accommodation, hospital bills etc because a relative had a nasty motor accident in Thailand and no one knew if he had any insurance. He probably did, BUT as he is in a vegetative state, no one knows whom it is with, or where to find the policy.
I’m not here to lecture, BUT if you travel anywhere “abroad”, either alone or with your families, make sure you have travel insurance and leave a copy or copies of the documentation with someone at “home”. That way if anything awful ever occurs your nearest and dearest will know where to turn.
In the case I’ve just mentioned, the poor chap has been flown home, but even after all the considerable distress, hassle and expense involved for everyone, it is unclear whether their efforts will be rewarded.  I hope it has a happy ending.
It’s a sad tale but something I hope you’ll  learn from and remain accident free.
Now, where did I put my car keys?