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Using Squidoo For SEO

Using Squidoo For SEO

Squidoo is a great place to earn money and meet new people, but did you know that it is also a great way to increase site exposure and gain links? Well, it is!

Creating a Squidoo page (called a lens) is extremely easy. First, you type in the title of the page. This is extremely important but don’t worry if you mess this up, you can change it later. It is important because this acts as the H1 tag. It’s used in Squidoo page rankings along with Google and other search engines. So choose a great, clickable title which includes your keywords.

Next, select a pre-made template. These are listed as “do my own thing”, “money maker”, “get the word out”, “charity”, etc. Each template has different modules (tools for the page). You can always add or subtract the modules you want or don’t want, so this isn’t too important. I usually choose “do my own thing” so I can do what I want without having to delete any modules.

Now, You’ll be asked to enter the lenses tags (which are extremely important on Squidoo, I’ll talk about them later) along with the URL you wish to use. The URL is another tool that Squidoo, Google, and others use, so choose wisely. This can not be changed later. Choose one which uses your keywords but doesn’t include much fluff either. Make it short and sweet. If the URL you try is taken, try it with dashes, underscores, or without spaces.

Finally, you are asked to create your lens. Here, you can do what you want. But be warned! There are specific things Squidoo looks for to make sure your page is ready to be fully published (and not get dinged by Squid Angels, which are sort of like moderators).

1)Your lens must use at least three modules. This makes your page longer and look nicer. It also gives you a chance to add more keywords.

2)You must change the default module title. It just looks tacky otherwise.

3)Add a picture in the introduction. It helps with viewer concentration and helps the design.

4)Make the intro at least 70 words. It is generally seen that the longer the intro the better. Just don’t get too carried away.

5)Don’t add more than two links per module. If you do, just make sure it fits well and isn’t spammy.

That’s basically all there is to it. However, if you want to receive traffic directly through Squidoo, there are a few more aspects you should look at.

1)Use around 10-15 tags. Your primary tag should be capitalized (as in Search Engine Optimization and not SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION). You should repeat the tag within the regular tags uncapitalized. You should also use tags that have between 10-50 other lenses listed within it. Here’s why: search engines will find your lenses easier and the tag will also be listed with others while searching in Squidoo. More visitors and better link juice. Also, use tags you know others are searching for on Squidoo. Be general, don’t try to be too specific. Your keywords don’t matter for tags.

2)Always use a module which allow the community to participate. Here are the important modules for this: guestbook, plexo voting, and duel. Use at least one of them. Many top pages will use all three.

3)Comment and rate other lenses. Don’t post links to your pages, just comment on the page itself. Don’t be spammy and genuinely read the page. Many fellow lensmasters will then follow your username back to your profile and read your lenses and rate them.

4)Create quality, non-spammy links. This will help others decide to rate your lens a 5-star. The more 5-stars you receive the higher your page is ranked within Squidoo. The higher it is ranked, the more pages and links it is likely to receive.

Phew! Tons of information here. After you have done all of this, now you can add a link to your page. The easiest way to do this is to use the “link list” module. Just enter in your webpage and a description. Place it at the very bottom so others won’t view it as spam. Tada! A nice, quality link.

Don’t think you can leave Squidoo alone though. You must also find links for your lenses. Use Squidoo as a link juice funnel to your own website.