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Tourism in Ethiopia And The Country’s Attractions

Tourism in Ethiopia And The Country’s Attractions

This beautiful country found in the horn of Africa is marked by rugged mountains, wide spread Savannah grasslands and endlessly flowing lakes and rivers. Ethiopia’s placement in the Rift valley that shows cases volcanic lakes and great escarpments.

With traditions and a captivating culture that has existed well beyond 3000 years, Ethiopia is a tourist hot spot. The country has a well preserved history that interests a number of people the world over. The Afar region of the country is attributed to the earliest known cradle of mankind; the Australopithecus skeletal structure having been found in the region.

Ethiopia’s natural attractions include Africa’s longest cave Sof Omar. At 15.1 kilometers, the Sof Omar cave is the second longest cave in the world. Ethiopia’s Northern area, Dallol, experiences hot weather throughout the year. Dallol is also notably isolated with no roads and camels are the only mode of transportation. Dallol makes up one of Earth’s hottest places that is inhabited. Tis Isat, the Blue Nile, as it is known provides a breath taking water fall view and is easily one of the country’s best tourist attractions. The Omo valley though uninhabited, holds more than 4 million years of historical background with hominid remains found in it.

The Ethiopian culture comprises of 70 ethnic groups each speaking an independent language. The Ethiopian Orthodox church is an important part of the Ethiopian culture and it comprises of its own leader and customs.

The most ancient city in Ethiopia, Axum, has a long historical background dating back to 3000 years ago. The biblical Ark of the covenant is said to have been laid on the 16th century St. Mary of Zion Cathedral’s sanctuary. Icons and historical crowns of past emperors adorn most of the monasteries and churches of Axum. The ancient holy city Harar has the historical background of being a trading center. The city hosts 99 mosques and is the fourth holiest city in the Islamic religion. The city produces intricate handicrafts including woven textiles, silverware and bound books.

Ethiopia also has a number of national parks including Mago, Gambela and Omo.

A number of the country’s tourists attractions are found along Addis Ababa’s main roads. Hotels, restaurants, tour companies, gifts shops(which are duty free) are also found within the capital. Hotels that cater for the entire tours budget are highly favored and live up to tourist’s expectations. Ethiopia is served by a number of airlines including Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Sudan Airways, British airways, Yemen Airways, Lufthansa and Saudi.