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Top Ten Tourists Destinations In Uganda

Top Ten Tourists Destinations In Uganda

Uganda is a land locked country located in East Africa with and it lies on the equator. The country hosts one of the largest water bodied (Lake Victoria) and the source of the longest river in the world (The Nile). Uganda is known to be the most hospitable country in the world and this is stems from the tradition of hospitality common to its cultural diverse populace. Below are the top ten tourist destinations of Uganda.

1. Bwindi Impenetrable national Park.

The home of great giant apes the gorilla is the most visited park in Uganda. It’s located in the south west; 9 Hours drive from the capital city (Kampala). These apes are known to be endangered and they are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Half of the gorilla’s population is found in Uganda and they are known to be humble and gentle primates. You can track gorillas both in Uganda and Rwanda. More information about Gorilla tracking

2. Queen Elizabeth National Park’s

Named from the Queen Elizabeth II, the park is located south west covering the whole of the Kazinga channel that connects Lake Edward and Kyoga. The park is known to Harbour a large number of species ranging from predators, herbivores, antelopes, birds and other small organisms. A game drive in the park usually rewards you with animals like the Lions, buffaloes, elephants, Uganda kobs, bush bucks, side stripped jackals, hyenas and plenty of birds. This is also known to be birders paradise. More information about Queen Elizabeth.

3. Murchison falls National Park

With a scenic view of the falls, Murchison falls national park was named from the falls that is as a result of the Calm Nile forcing its self through a narrow gorge to explode into a thunderous roar of white water fall. The park is located in the northern end of the Albertine Rift valley. It is one of the oldest conservations areas in Uganda. The park is also home to a large number of animals and birds. While in the park you can do activities like a game drive, chimpanzee tracking and a boat ride on the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls.

4. The source of the Nile

Declared by Speke Hannington in 1862 as the source of the Nile, the area has not lost its scenic view and it has attracted many tourists into Uganda since then. The Nile has a lot of adventure to offer for tourists as the boat rides to the actual point (source), artifacts, bungee jumping and white water rafting.

5. Kibale National Park.

Also referred to as the home of the primates/chimpanzees, Kibale National park is located on the elevated Fort portal plateau. It’s most known for its chimpanzees although it harbours the largest number of primates in Uganda. A walk through this tropical rainforest in does not only reward you with primates but also with other animal species and also plenty of fauna. Tracking chimpanzees is this forest is the most informative and interesting forest walk you will ever get.

6. The Kasubi tombs.

Also a world heritage site the Kasubi tombs is known to be a master piece of the Buganda cultural tradition in Buganda with one of the larges huts/Banda in the world. Four royal tombs now lie within the “Muzibu Azaala Mpanga” (meaning “A tough one brings forth powerful ones”), the main building, which is circular and surmounted by a dome and the main palace. The tombs are the major spiritual centre of the Baganda and its one of the most active places in the whole of the Buganda kingdom. It is located in Kampala a 10 minutes drive from the city centre.

7. Uganda Museum:

This is a display of Uganda’s cultural heritage where one is able to see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. It is a scenic reminder of splendid past of the country with a collection of musical instruments, photos, pictures, materials of the past. The museum contains lost of materials starting from pre-colonial time. A visit to the museum usually gives tourists a clear picture of the past.

8. Ssese Islands.

Ssese islands are a collection of 84 attractive Islands situated in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria and are an increasingly popular tourist destination in Uganda. Described as a cross between the Hebrides and the Caribbean, the islands offer scenic views, plenty of activities like nature walks, fishing volley ball and other games. Spending a weekend on this island is adventurous.

9. Lake Mburo National Park.

Situated in Mbarara district the park is a 3 and half hours drive away from the capital city. The park is famous for its richness in biodiversity which is attributed to the variety of micro-climates the park has. The park is most known for antelopes like the Impala from which Kampala the capital city was named. It also has animal species like leopards, hyenas, buffaloes,, zebras, jackals, Topis and plenty of birds.

10. The Rwenzori mountains National Park.

Also referred to as the mountains of the moons are found a few kilo metres north of the equator, rising over 4000m above the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley. The region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas. The mountains have extraordinary flora and fauna which includes Elephant, buffalo, giant forest hog, bushbuck, chimpanzee and leopard are present although rare. To hike the great mountains you require a minimum of Seven days for a rewarding a hike. However 10 is the best of number of days enough for the hike to the peak (Margherita: 5109 m).