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Top Grenada Walking Trails

Top Grenada Walking Trails

With a recent focus on preservation and protection of the ecology of the island, the best of Grenada walking can be experienced in some of these national parks and reserves. Protected areas range from the rainforest area of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve to the La Sagesse Estuary area that protects mangroves in the south west of the island. Here are our recommendations for the top Grenada walking trails.

Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve
The Grand Etang lake fills the crater of an extinct volcano, and is at the centre of the rainforest. There is a rich and diverse vegetation in this area. It is possible to sight rare orchids, lizards and frogs amongst tropical flowers in the lush vegetation. There are several hummingbirds, the broad-winged hawk and the Lesser Antillean Swift to spot along with opossums, mongooses and the mona monkey. This is Grenada’s most popular walking trail area, and it’s not surprising. Here are a handful of hiking trails to experience:

Lake Circle Trail
This is just a 30 minute or so walk that takes you around the perimeter of the lake. Great views of the lake itself, and keep your eyes peeled to see hibiscus and wild orchids growing on the trees.

Seven Sisters Trail
A challenging 3 hour walk that will take the walker past seven beautiful waterfalls. The walk commences in a patch of bananas and nutmegs and then dips down into a virgin forest area. Take a guide to be safe on this one.

Mt Qua Qua Trail
Reach over 2000ft up with this hike that will take you past the lake and then up into the upper slopes and the elfin mountain forests. You’ll experience cooler temperatures and it could be slippery and steep at points. It is possible to experience several ecosystems on this 90 minute walk in addition to the pleasure of fantastic panoramas through clearings.

Concord Falls
The Concord Falls walk links from the Mt Qua Qua trail – so if you want to try this mention it to your walking guide. After about one hour, the trail under the canopy of the rainforest, past streams and over some hills to the falls. There are three falls, one at the bottom that is now a tourist attraction, and the lesser known upper falls that should not be missed. Take your swimming outfit as you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the water. The third falls is about 2 hours hike up the hillside.

Levera National Park
Moving away from Grand Etang, we look at the Levera National Park. With 450 acres to explore, Levera contains some of the best coastal scenery in Grenada. It has a very important lagoon that holds mangroves and a variety of birds. Try the trail that leads around the lagoon for a pleasant walk.

La Sagesse Nature Centre
One of the best birdwatching locations on the island of Grenada is this nature centre in the south west. In addition, the 3 beautiful beaches offer fantastic snorkeling, a cactus woodland and a salt pond. Many varieties of birds are attracted to the salt pond, and it’s possible that you will see the Caribbean coot, green-backed heron and the brown-crested flycatcher.