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The Truth And Reality Of Incarnated Angels

The Truth And Reality Of Incarnated Angels

I will bet the vast majority of you readers previous to arriving here did not know or consciously believe that holy (and fallen) angels can incarnate as humans or that humans can ascend to angelic status via what is known as “Christ-consciousness” while still living in the flesh. I have written a large, free-to-read spiritual autobiography about my spiritual awakening.

Stories of angels appear in just about every religion, but many of those religions will firmly state that angels will never incarnate. Some think that angel incarnates are the so-called fallen angels. This is not really true. It is the author’s hope to educate the reader as to the truth of these realities, being a divine prophet and actual incarnated angel in the flesh.

Many people do not even believe in angels, since they have never personally seen one themselves, or they do not believe in God – despite the evidence for the Creator’s existence – which, by logic, means they will not believe in angels since angels are fingers of the Divine. These non-believers include atheists and Buddhists, for example. Many lump angels into the same category as aliens – as something of a “fringe” topic not worth discussing rationally or taken seriously.

Many skeptics do not believe angels possess “wings” and therefore believe it is a fictional “fabrication” or imagination of artists who create beautiful paintings of angels with wings. I am here to state once and for all, clearing up much confusion about angels, that many DO in fact possess wings. I have seen my own wings visually – and this may seem hard to believe but it is all true – so have many, many other people on dozens and dozens of occasions for 3 1/2 years with their naked eyes.

I can describe these wings for you. They are about 8 feet tall, swan-like, exotically beautiful, unearthly, bluish-white, etheric wings of pure divine light and you can see through them. They have an almost physical sensation as they flow outwards from the back, and they feel cool, like frost or snowflakes gently landing on the skin.

Incarnated angels are spirits of the angelic realm who incarnate as humans to help people learn something very specific, to heal, guide, enlighten humans or act as messengers such as a divine prophet like Daniel. Because angelic beings are so close spiritually to the Creator, they tend to be very creative as people. Communication is often hard for them, so they tend to communicate through music, art or writing, like this author. Like Paul and Moses of the Bible, I am slow of speech, quiet and therefore communicate better in writing.

Another term for incarnated angels is “Earth Angels.” Most of these beings do not really make themselves public like this author is required to do by divine will, as a prophet, because of the ridicule and vicious attacks they receive from those living in spiritual ignorance. Earth Angels are intuitive, empathic, sensitive and giving often to a fault, with the very concept of tragedy nipping at their heels.

The terms “angel” and/or “prophet,” properly defined, both mean Messenger-a Greek term.

Did you not know Daniel of the Bible was in fact a holy incarnate angel of God, where it states three times he was “endowed with the spirit of the holy gods?” This was merely another way of saying holy (incarnated) angels.

I am this Daniel at the end of the days! If you have an open mind, read the author’s free website and book, and be further educated: