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The Best Places to Take a Girl on a Date

The Best Places to Take a Girl on a Date

So, you’ve nailed a date with an A+ girl! Congratulations! Job well done! Pat on the shoulder. Now, where to go? You have no idea?! Well, that’s the reason why you are reading this, right? You want ideas. Well then, I’ll give you some. And let me tell you that all these are good! After reading this, you won’t have a problem about the “where” question anymore. So, just continue reading and absorb the pointers you are about to be exposed at. Keep them in mind and learn them by heart.

What you really need to ask yourself first is, “What kind of girl is she?” In order for you to ensure that she will have a good time, you have to be able to answer this question. Is she someone active? Is she the type who would love to watch an opera? If she is a sporty kind of girl, she would most likely enjoy a ticket to the Super Bowl or the NBA finals. If she is the artsy type, taking her to a Broadway show or a poetry reading would be something she would call ecstatic. If she is the classy type, a candlelit dinner with classical music would be awesome.

If she happens to be someone you’ve known for quite some time, you are lucky. You basically know a thing or two about her. It will be a lot easier for you to scheme “the best date ever.” However, if you do not have the luxury of knowing her before you have asked her out, let me share you some places that she will surely like – whatever her type is.

The Amusement Park
The good thing about amusement parks is that there is too much diversity in it. Not to mention that they are a one stop shop. There are rides to enjoy, magicians to watch, games to try, food to eat and other what nots. If she is afraid of heights, you can just have fun at the bump cars. You can try some shooting games and win a teddy for her. Eat cotton candy together and watch magicians perform. Then you can finish it off with an American hotdogs and a visit to the fortune teller. Have your palms read by the fortune teller. Women find this quite intriguing and interesting.

The Beach
Just the thought of her in bikinis is actually good enough reason to take her to the beach. That’s like a feast for your eyes. In all honesty, there is something about the waves and the scent of the sea that ladies find very inviting. There are a lot of things to do at the beach aside from swimming. You can try surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving or riding the Jet Ski. You can build some sand castles or just walk by the beach and talk. You can finish it off with a scrumptious dinner by the seashore with violinists playing romantic music as you two watch the sky’s changing colors while the sun sets.

The Movie House
Who doesn’t like seeing a movie while eating popcorn? You may want to choose a horror movie with a seemingly innocent title. You will surely have lots of fun while she tries to cover her eyes and take your arms as her shield against the monsters that might pop out from the big screen and take her away. You can then have coffee afterward and talk about how crappy or scary the movie was. Whichever you choose, you should also make sure that whatever activity you decide to do with her, it is something of your interest as well.