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Suitable Health Plans for Travel

Suitable Health Plans for Travel

A number of travel insurance policies are extremely versatile and cover a wide variety of possible eventualities that could prove unfortunate while we travel. What happens for example, if we lose our baggage or our passports? And God-forbid there is an unfortunate accident; travel insurance can help to ease our path to finding appropriate healthcare wherever we are in the world.

The most common travel policies cover for eventualities such as a trip cancellation or interruption. It can even help recoup the losses we may incur by delayed or stolen luggage. Some policies will even help to pay for the loss in the event of missing a flight due to bad weather or even hi-jacking.

There are even family health insurance plans that can cover the cost of sudden medical emergencies and in the case of extreme situations; they will even cover or partly the cover the cost of emergency evacuations from certain locations. It is also possible to get coverage for sports with an element of risk such as skiing or scuba diving in exotic locations. It is imperative to ensure a good health plan is in place, especially if people suffer from certain preexisting medical conditions. However, while a number of preexisting medical emergencies may not be covered, a number of companies now offer coverage for the on-set of these conditions caused by the strain of travel.

When travelling to locations that are considered to be high-risk, such as war-torn or areas prone to natural disaster it must be our responsibility to provide insurance for our family through family health care insurance, to ensure the safety of our near and dear ones. We must balance the cost of the premium with the risk we are taking, travelling to these locations. And at the end of the day, isn’t the safety of our family more important than the money we spend ensuring it?

Health insurance companies in India now offer a number of travel plans to suit these situations. TATA AIG for example, has excellent over-seas policies that will cover you 24 hours a day in most countries around the world. They even have student travel plans that will cover children or yourself while studying abroad. It is necessary to analyse the plans that best suit your needs when applying for such policies.

There are of course certain exclusions to these policies such as injury caused due to alcohol and substance abuse, but this does not mean that we should not look at providing any family health insurance while we travel. It is better to have this coverage and not need it than to need it and not have it.