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Some Simple Tips Towards A Green Holiday

Some Simple Tips Towards A Green Holiday

Concern for the environment is pretty widespread these days, and everyone wants to and willing to do their little bit to reduce the damage being done to the environment.

But don’t just limit your good work to while you’re at home, make sure that you follow through while on holiday too.

Here are just a few suggestions from us to get you started:

o Investigate and organise your holiday using the internet: travel brochures are produced by the many travel companies in the millions each year for us to look through. Rather than taking a pile of these from your travel agent, do your browsing online and only print out the pages you need

o Offset your carbon footprint when flying: we’re not saying don’t travel but we are saying that you do it responsibly and this includes paying to offset the amount of carbon produced when you fly. Go to climatecare.org or carbonneutral.com for details

o Prepare your house: Before you go away, make sure to turn off all your appliances. Don’t leave them on standby. Also remember to cancel your delivered newspapers to ensure your home is left empty and efficient.

o Packing: the heavier the plane the more fuel it will use so take care when packing – do you really need to take an iron or a hairdryer if they are able to be borrowed locally?

o Babies and toddlers: leave the buggy at home and save the hassle and extra weight of transporting it by using a sling or backpack-style child carrier. Also take your own disposable nappies as it can be difficult to find environmentally-friendly ones overseas

o In your accommodation: just as you would at home make sure that lights, tvs, airconditioning etc are turned off when not needed. And forego freshly laundered towels every day

o Sun care: Use natural products or locally produced ones, natural and organic options are kinder to your skin and the environment

o Leisure time: Where it is possible, try hiring a bicycle, or use public transport rather than hiring a car. If you must hire a car, join one of the carbon neutral schemes such as Avis and Alamo. Digital cameras are more eco-friendly than film-based ones and if you go diving remember it’s a case of look but don’t touch where the coral is concerned

o Recycle, reuse, reduce: Litter on beaches is one of the tourism industry’s biggest issues so make sure that you take all rubbish away with you and recycle it where possible

o Do as the locals do: Enrich your travel experience by supporting the local economy. Drink regional wine, beer and liquors and avoid imported international brands and their associated air miles.