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Safety Precautions For Safe Scuba Diving

Safety Precautions For Safe Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a fun sport and is easy to learn. But like any other sport it has certain health hazards associated with it. In order to make your experience pleasant, it is better to follow certain precautions.

Check if you are physically fit

The basic requirement for you to become a scuba diver is that you should be able to swim. It is better to get your physical fitness level checked before you attempt this sport. This is because fatalities do occur in this sport. The most common causes for them are heart problems and circulatory disorders.

Get training before attempting the sport

Scuba diving is not an activity that one should attempt without getting trained for it. You should aim to complete a certification course before you attempt diving independently. This helps in making you comfortable under water.

Learn the proper breathing technique

It is important to learn the proper breathing techniques. You should try not to hold your breath under water or take shallow breaths as this can injure the lungs. The right way to breathe while scuba diving is to breathe slowly in a relaxed manner and exhale completely.

Always dive with a buddy

This is recommended so that both you and your buddy can keep an eye on each other while diving. This is a safety measure so that either one of you is available in case of any distress to the other.

Equalize the pressure during descent

The air pressure varies with the depth of water. It is essential to equalize the pressure while descending in water as this avoids damage to the ears.

Ascent should be slow and controlled

If you ascend too quickly you are likely to get decompression sickness. It is, therefore, beneficial to ascend in a slow manner.

Check your equipment

It is vital that the equipment is in proper working condition because if it fails under water, it could be very dangerous. This is extremely important for rented equipment.

Be relaxed while diving

It is important to be calm when under water. In the case of a problem, panic further complicates the situation.

Plan your dive

You should be aware of how much depth you will go to, how long you will stay under water and how much air you will ascend with. This should be pre-decided between you and your buddy. Both of you should also discuss the hand signals that you will use for communicating with each other.

These are some of the precautions one should take in order to make scuba diving a thrilling and enjoyable experience.