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Product Review – IST Talaria Split Fins

Product Review – IST Talaria Split Fins

Split Fins are the latest innovations released from the scuba fins product line. A streamlined version of the traditional pair of paddle fins, the scuba gear is conceived with a signature split blade design, intended to reduce drag and propel the diver forward with a few, minimal kicks. This technology likely enhances diver propulsion to cover greater distances in the water column at a much quicker pace while utilizing a reduced volume of air. Nonetheless, only a few split fins in the market today can really stand up to the claim of providing excellent thrust power and it has been increasingly difficult to shop for a quality pair given the wide array of choices available with scuba equipment shops.

If you’re looking for a quality pair of split fins that holds true to the promise of its split blade design, we recommend the IST Talaria Split Fins to both seasoned and novice scuba divers. Find below a rundown of the excellent features and functionalities of this scuba gear.

Patented Split Fin Technology. Manufactured using the Nature’s Wing Fin design (find its logo on the back of the IST Talaria), this is a guarantee of excellent underwater propulsion that has been associated with scuba fins carrying the patented split fin technology on its label. The revolutionary design was configured from the tail shapes of dolphins and whales resulting to the invention of aerodynamic, V-shaped blades that are split along the vertical midsection. A few gentle kicks and the split blade efficiently cuts through the water to propel the diver forward. And given an excellent effort – thrust ratio, the split fins require less kicking and knee-bending action which implies reduced strain on leg muscles and optimal diver comfort all throughout the dive.

Freedom of Movement. Bend, twist, tumble and take a sharp turn. Try performing all these maneuvers underwater while donned in a IST Talaria Split Fins and you’ll be surprised at how easily its blades can propel you to a particular direction on the water column. This is in line with the fin’s wide surface area that enhances diver pivoting and turning, and the split blade design that ultimately reduces drag per kick. Efficient underwater movement is particularly useful in the pursuit of difficult dive profiles such as a wreck dive.

Excellent Construction. Made primarily of composite rubber, the IST Talaria Split Fins was designed to withstand years of diving and different types of diver feet. Truly durable, the blade’s body was constructed to match a certain level of rigidity that is ideal for split fins. If you prefer fins that are fast in terms of propulsion but slow in physical deterioration, then the IST Talaria is the right scuba gear for you.

So if you want to dive with scuba fins that operate like a pair of underwater wings, by all means shop for a pair of IST Talaria Split Fins [http://www.scubasuppliers.com/site/1408308/product/F-2]. Retailing for just a little over a a hundred dollars, this is the perfect piece of scuba gear to ferry you across the water column.