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Maxpedition Review – Which Gearslinger Is Right For You?

Maxpedition Review – Which Gearslinger Is Right For You?

I put together this Maxpedition review to help you decide on the right Maxpedition Gearslinger for your needs. There are seven total packs in the Gearslinger series all built with the best materials and craftsmanship in the industry. They range in size from a small tactical bag to a large full size pack that bridges the gap between a backpack and a Gearslinger.

All of the Gearslinger packs have a single chest strap instead of a double shoulder straps like a backpack. The advantage to having a single strap is that the bag can be accessed on the go by simply shifting the bag from your back to your chest. It is a fluid movement that you will learn to love. All of the Gearslinger packs except the Maxpedition Monsoon have the pockets designed to be easily accessed while the bag is positioned on your chest. You don’t have to dismount the pack like a normal backpack to easily get to its contents

Maxpedition Review – Remora

The Maxpedition Remora is the smallest of the Gearslinger series. Its a great tactical CCW bag that can conceal a full sized pistol and can fit some of your other necessary gear. The front compartment is about big enough for you to keep a multi tool, extra clips, cell phone small notebook etc. The main compartment can hold your normal everyday small items. I usually keep phone charger, glasses case, para cord, sunglasses etc in that compartment. On the very back of the bag is a CCW pocket that is padded inside and out. Great small bag for daily use, or even as a small day pack for hiking

Maxpedition Review – Lunada

The Maxpedition Lunada is a step up in size from the Remora but is still considered a small EDC bag. Some of the great added features are a cell phone pocket on the sling strap, more MOLE connections, and more pockets. You can fit quite a bit more stuff in this in this bag, it is big enough for a net book or an ipad. This is also a good pack for overnight use.

Maxpedition Review – Sitka

The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is one of my favorite packs, It is a step up from the Lunada with all of the great features of the Gearslinger series. The plus is that it is big enough to use as a regular backpack. You can pack a lot of gear in this bag! The Sitka Gearslinger has 3 main pockets and an additional pocket that fits a hydration bag or a concealed weapon. This bag is not quite big enough to fit a normal laptop but at 8 wide it fits any net book or ipad with ease. The added water bottle holder has enough room for a 32 oz Nalgene bottle, which is an added bonus.

Maxpedition Review – Mosoon

The Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger bridges the gap between a regular full sized backpack and a gearslinger. It has over 1600cu inches of internal pocket space and makes a great bug out bag or large EDC pack. The Monsoon is large enough to fix a full laptop and great or hiking. There is enough room in this bag for all of the necessities including a couple days worth of clothes, including shoes. This is a great pack if you want the size of a full backpack and the convenience of a single chest strap.