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Luxury Cruises – The Once-In-A-Lifetime Special Vacation

Luxury Cruises – The Once-In-A-Lifetime Special Vacation

A century ago ocean travel was strictly for getting people and goods from one place to another. In the competition for passengers, shipping lines added luxury features that turned the journey from plain travel to pure pleasure. Ships like the Cunard Line’s legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 (the QE2) became a byword for sophisticated, luxury voyaging.

Luxury liners offer all the amenities and lavish indulgences you’d expect in a high-end, five star hotel, and more besides. Quite simply, there is no more comfortable way to travel; and, unlike a luxury hotel break, you journey to fabulous locations with no effort at all. There’s no traffic noise on the ocean and the unpolluted sea air is a well-known tonic.

Only one of the Cunard luxury ships still sails the traditional transatlantic route between Europe and New York. That’s the Queen Mary 2. Her cabins are spacious staterooms. The restaurants offer gourmet food. Entertainment is provided by august institutions, including musicians from the Juilliard School and drama by the RADA Company. There’s even a planetarium on board.

The Queen Mary may be the ultimate in ocean-going opulence but there are plenty of other luxury cruise ships out there. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for an unforgettable luxury vacation. It’s also more affordable than ever before.

What makes for a once-in-a-lifetime ocean vacation? Fantastic accommodation, gourmet dining, and top-flight entertainment are all part of the ultimate luxury cruise. But unforgettable vacations can depend on other things too.

For the ultimate leisure experience, the round-the-world cruise takes some beating. Imagine circumnavigating the globe – three months of seeing some of the great sights our planet has to offer. This obviously isn’t a budget option but it is certainly a recipe for a vacation never to be forgotten. If you don’t have the time, you can do short luxury cruises on the top liners that will give you a flavor of the experience.

On a luxury cruise you can experience the kind of world-class service that you might think is normally reserved for royalty or the super-rich and famous. If your idea of luxury is not lifting a finger, and having every whim catered for, then this is the vacation for you. If the experience of ocean voyaging and the on-board relaxation is a priority, there’s also no better way to unwind than on a ship with a superbly appointed spa and highly trained staff to restore your equilibrium.

If the taxes for luxury cruises seem pricey, remember too that typically most services and activities are likely to be included. Every detail of your journey is given consideration. That means you won’t have any hassles to distract you from your world-class travel experience. You could say this is the ultimate luxury in the modern world. For all-round pleasure, a luxury cruise is just about impossible to beat.