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Looking Within – What it Means to Look Within

Looking Within – What it Means to Look Within

Last weekend I was viewing a YouTube video on how one can gain spiritual enlightenment when I noticed a comment posted by a previous viewer: “I’ve been looking within for a long time now, and I still experience nearly the same thing every time. I wish I knew exactly how to understand the words ‘look within.'” This article is written for that viewer and for those like him who feel that they don’t quite get it when they are given the instructions to “look within.”

The main issue here is that there’s a lot more to “looking within” than what those words literally imply. Looking within (or meditating) is only the beginning of the process of spiritual integration and enlightenment; there are other important steps involved that hardly anyone ever tells you about. For example, if you keep looking inwardly but you ignore the inner guidance you receive or if your insights never get applied in real life, you will remain stuck at the beginning of the process and you’ll see the same thing nearly every time.

Several years ago, when my life was confusing and in despair, I spent months looking within and I became frustrated with myself for not making much progress (in terms of reconnecting and integrating with my higher self, gaining a greater, more uplifting perspective, activating flow in my life, gaining new insights, activating favorable synchronicities, making good things happen, etc). But I remained stuck.

Then came a point in time when I got so fed up, I vowed to follow through with my inner guidance immediately and consistently, the only exception being some kind of emergency. That meant taking some risks, of course: your inner guidance is not always going to agree with conventional wisdom or the typical way of doing things. But I didn’t care what most people thought; I just went for it.

It wasn’t until I made the commitment to follow though and actually followed through (meaning I trusted my higher self enough to do that) did I begin to experience the incredible power and the amazing new insights that began to flow into my life. I believe this is what most people desire to experience when they make the effort to “look within.”

A day after I read that online comment on looking within, a newsletter subscriber emailed me with this question: “Why is there so little taught about integrating with your higher self?” (In my opinion, integrating with your higher self is what naturally happens if you’re serious about taking “looking within,” or “acknowledging your Creator” to the next level.)

Well, little is taught because few people are able to articulate the process of integrating with your higher self in detail. After all, how can you explain with clarity something you haven’t experienced yourself? Even master channel David Wilcock says that if the process were easy, more people would have integrated with their higher selves by now. For example, there are things that will trip you up and obstacles that you’ll come across in the process that will test you.

Don’t worry if the process seems slow in the beginning. It is not something that happens overnight, and besides, everything worth doing takes time. But time will pass by anyway, and where will you be 6 months from now?

Although you’ll gain access to the process more quickly and easily by following the example of someone who has already been through it, it’s not until you experience the magic of flow consistently in your own life and the upliftment and inner peace that results that you will truly “get it.” So tell me, please: Are you ready to look within and take the steps to integrate with your higher self now?