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Kauai Condos For The Best Time of Your Life!

Kauai Condos For The Best Time of Your Life!

Wow! There’s just so much to see and do and enjoy on spectacular Kauai! Where do we begin? Kauai condo rentals bring you bountiful opportunities to see, taste, experience, and genuinely discover your own Kauai. Attractions set against a postcard backdrop are grand, unique, historic, and unforgettable. The museums in the various areas of Kauai are rich in knowledge of the island’s heritage, but also informational and interactive. They too are located throughout Kauai in rustic, scenic, incredible venues.

Distinctive signature gardens fling a kaleidoscope of colors and kinds of flora and fauna into your memories; Kauai is known not only as the island of discovery, but equally significantly as the Garden Isle. Kauai condos are your gateway to wonderful adventurous. Activities here are dynamic and unique. Fortunately, you can participate in seeing Kauai through a variety of pursuits: driving ATVs, surfing, biking, boogie boarding, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and tubing are some of the “transportation” activities. See the island’s amazing sights from exceptional vantage points — air tours, windsurfing/kite surfing, water skiing, land tours, and ocean tours, as just a few choices. Favorite pastimes are heightened when you can perform them on Kauai — golf, SCUBA, SNUBA, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, and ATV, because of the distinctive and magnificent island before you, so take advantage of your idyllic setting.

You can tour the island by air, land, or sea and any way you choose, you’ll have a special view of the grandeur of paradise. Stroll blossoms of color-drenched gardens, roam the open road as you watch the pastoral beauty roll by, fly above it all to see a million different possibilities and textures of the land below, or hike in the arid vastness of a compelling canyon. Whether you choose to tour with a group, laze in the sun to drink in the island’s captivating allure — discover Kauai in the way that appeals to you most. Helicopter tours anywhere are a luxury, but on Kauai, you truly get the maximum value for your venture. The island’s dramatic landscape — with the crater of Mt. Waialeale, the gorge that is Waimea Canyon, and the spectacularly rugged Napali Coast, not to mention the millions of shades of blues and greens you’ll see in the waters lapping against the shores will thrill your senses.

An advantage to air tours on Kauai is that you will not miss out on the intimate secrets of the island, the inaccessible, or at least the areas that perhaps you prefer not to travel into if they involve activity beyond your interest or comfort level. Almost all the helicopter companies operate from Lihue, with a few from Hanapepe and Princeville. How else can you see the full spectrum of this beautiful rainbow known as Kauai?

But land and air adventures are just part of the fun of your Kauai condo fun! The mystical quality of the infinite ocean, particularly around an island, makes traveling by sea a glorious experience. Cruising and sailing on Kauai leads to more opportunities — whale watching, fishing, diving, snorkeling. Travel in equipment ranging from a rubber raft where you’ll be up close and personal with the sea, to sailing luxuriously in a catamaran with all its modern-day conveniences.

Your journey to the Napali Coast is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your vacation. Traditional hula shows, luaus, live Hawaiian music and other performances and cultural events are all worthy of your precious time on Kauai. It’s significant part of island culture and will leave you with many unforgettable memories. Island fare is creative, tasty, and a genuine culinary adventure. Ingredients fresh from Kauai’s Sunshine Markets (farmers’ markets) — macadamia nuts, coconuts, taro, poi, malasadas, lilikoi chiffon treats, and other delicacies — are part of the lengthy list of treats to taste. Sample the variety of fresh fish too: ahi, mahimahi, ono, wahoo, and opakapaka — just to name a few. Even fish and chips taste better on Kauai!