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International Student Travel Health Insurance Coverage

International Student Travel Health Insurance Coverage

International Student Travel Health insurance permits foreign students to protect themselves from huge medical bills at the event of emergency or illnesses during their studies overseas. These insurance plans offer comprehensive healthcare benefits while students are enrolled at foreign locations.

International student travel insurance protects students from various forms of accidents and calamities but the coverage is not free; though it is comforting to think that it comes at a reasonable price. There are several plans and various websites offering comparison shopping.

International student travel health insurance is more expensive when coverage is offered in the United States as compared to costs for coverage outside USA. In many situations health care providers, colleges and universities mandate all foreign students demonstrate proof of adequate insurance coverage.

There are several websites comparing plans from various companies. Comparisons typically include plan premiums, features and exclusions. Online enrollment and purchase makes procuring coverage very easy and convenient.

Many of the insurance plans have established networks of hospitals and doctors in the US as well as overseas. Obtaining treatment at one of the providers within the network ensures good control of costs as well as smooth claims settlement. Many of the claims teams offer multi-lingual support and are experienced with the various medical billing practices across the world.

International Student Travel Insurance can be considered specialty insurance and typically not all insurance companies like Blue Cross and Aetna offer coverage. However, other large companies like Nationwide, AIG and Lloyds compete in the niche market and have established good market share.

The monthly premium for International Student Travel Health Insurance is affordable – they typically range from $35 to $60 per month. The premium or the cost of the plan is dependent on the age of the insured, the policy maximum and the deductible option. Additional coverage for sports activities can increase the premium.

You can contact your university admissions office to help you identify the recommended plans. The web is also a great resource to find the required coverage at an affordable cost. A little bit of time invested in comparison shopping can save you a chunk of money.