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How To Make Your Backpack Theft-Proof

How To Make Your Backpack Theft-Proof

When you travel abroad, the spotlight is on you. It is not because you look queer or speak with a heavy mother tongue accent that amuses the locals. It is because of the baggage you bring along with you. In any country of the world, there are a great number of pick pocketers on the prowl waiting to get the better of you. The money, credit cards, expensive electronics and personal documents put together are a big bounty and can make any thief’s day.

However, you cannot leave all these things at home to keep yourself from getting robbed. A better option is to make your backpack or travel bags less vulnerable to theft. If you are wondering how you could do that, we have a list of steps given right here.

1. Lockable zippers –

It starts with the choosing the right backpack. Most bag manufacturers are trying to make theft proof backpacks and travel bags by upgrading the security features on them. One such feature is the lockable zippers. This type has an inbuilt locking mechanism with few having slip-in clips while others requiring a key to lock the two inserts in place. A few also have numerical combinations. They lock the sliders and therefore make it difficult to pull the zipper apart. A backpack with drawstring closures is the worst bag you can get.

2. Luggage locks and combination padlocks –

Another traditional yet effective way to secure your possessions and relax is in using the good old luggage locks and combination padlocks. You should choose only those locks that have been approved by the Transportation Security Administration.

3. Cable locks –

This is a good option for bags with no zippers, but a lot of straps and loops. Given its length, the lock can be used to secure you bag to a larger, heavier and immobile object. It keeps your bag from being carried away. The only drawback is that cable locks can be cut if given adequate time.

4. Mesh –

If you look up backpack security measures online, the cage-like mesh is another product you will come across. It looks like a regular net. It fits over the entire bag making it hard to access the zippers, pockets and other entry points. It is made of steel and other slash-proof materials. The mesh protection is the best compared to all the others. However, it is very expensive and hence not very feasible.

5. App security system –

Bags can be slashed, zippers can be forced open and locks can be picked. Therefore, there is need for a full-proof backpack security system; something that will add layers of security making it very hard to break through. A smartphone app can do this. There are a number of portable locking systems available as Android and iPhone apps. These apps let you secure your valuables by using unique combinations and monitor them by means of activation history and sharing access with others. They also let you track and locate your valuables using GPS giving you full control of them.