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Guide On Popular Routes To Enjoy Your Trekking Adventures In Ladakh

Guide On Popular Routes To Enjoy Your Trekking Adventures In Ladakh

The Ladakh landscape takes trekkers on a thrilling journey over its deserted flat lands, hilly terrains, and across streams and lakes, almost on every turn. You will love to walk across the high altitude passes and lofty peaks at this magnificent tourist destination. In fact, Ladakh is also considered as one of the best destination for trekking in India.

There are myriads of trekking trails around Leh, and each one of them has its own distinctive identity and attraction that for adventure seekers. New trekkers can enjoy the easy trails, while the seasoned climbers can accept tough challenges.

Everyone is welcome out here. All you need to do is book for the best adventure tour package in Ladakh, and start packing your rucksacks.

Some best trekking routes

Markha Valley (11 days) – This route is gifted with extraordinary views of Ladakh and Zanzkar mountain ranges.

Stok Kangri (18 days) – Your mental strength and physical stamina will be put to test out here. It is a very strenuous track that takes you through the wilderness of Zanskar Valley. Please remember that you should be willing to take up the challenge of reaching the highest summit (6122 meters). The path is not recommended for beginners, and even the seasoned trekkers will have to go through proper acclimatization sessions before attempting it.

Lamayuru Alchi (9 days) – Lamayuru Alchi trek takes tourists to some historical zones. Here you get an opportunity to peek inside the rich cultural treasures of the place. If any of the trekkers wish to experience the power of meditation, then they can stop at any of the lovely monasteries on the way.

Lubra Valley (10 days) – The valley is bestowed with hues of beautiful colored blooms, and so is rightfully called as the ‘Orchard of Ladakh’ or ‘Valley of flowers’. Besides giving you the breathtaking views of historical gompas, the route passes through Kardung La, which is the highest motor-able pass in the world.

Frozen River (13 days) – The frozen panorama of Zanskar River, high mountains, and freezing temperature are the challenging aspects of this trek. It is also known as, ‘Chadar Trek’ because blanket of ice is formed on the river. Many adventurers get injured here by falling and slipping on the ice, because the mirage is very harsh in snowy conditions.

Snow leopard (13 days) – This trail is located in Hemis National Parkm which is spread over 600 sq km at high altitude, and it protects the unique Himalayan wilderness. The trek is full of adventure – freezing temperature. You will also spot some snow leopards as well as other rare species like Tibetan antelope, Ibex, golden eagle, and blue sheep.

Rupshu Valley (16 days) – This is the best route for adventure aficionados, because it brings trekkers in direct contact with roughness and harshness of high altitude. It is also a very isolated cool zone, and sheep and yaks are the only source of survival here.

Lamayuru Padum (18 days) – It is one of the most offbeat attractions for trekkers, because here they get the extreme pleasure of exploring and wandering, while breathing lung full of fresh air. The striking notes of this place are snowcapped peaks, high mountain passes, gompas, fascinating villages, and fields. All these add more color to this remoteness, making it even more appealing for the bag-packers.

Trekking in Ladakh will make you forget all your stress, and help you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.