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Grand Teton National Park: The Top Ten Things To Do

Grand Teton National Park: The Top Ten Things To Do

Trying to determine exactly where to go and what to do is one of the biggest challenges that people are faced with while vacationing in Grand Teton National Park. The following is a suggested list of the top ten things to do in this remarkable park. This valuable information will help make your trip to Grand Teton National Park one of the best vacations of your life.

Please note that the order of this list is not based on “most favorite to least favorite”, but rather the order in which these attractions are found along highway 89 from north to south.

1. Colter Bay

Colter Bay on Jackson Lake may very well be one of the most picturesque bays in America, having the magnificent Teton Mountain Range as its backdrop. This beautiful marina offers boating, canoeing, camping, fishing, hiking and much more.

2. Jackson Lake Lodge

The best part about this famous lodge is the iconic view of the Teton Range from its back deck. This vantage point overlooks the famous Willow Flats with towering peaks in the background. These fabled flats offer some of the best wildlife viewing in the park- including elk, moose, grizzly bears and wolves.

3. Oxbow Bend

The Snake River’s Oxbow Bend is without question the most photographed scene in Grand Teton National Park. The river widens dramatically here, and the enormous Mount Moran and neighboring peaks reflect perfectly in the water on a calm morning.

4. Signal Mountain

The Signal Mountain Area of Grand Teton National Park offers a tremendous 360 degree view from the top of this well placed mountain. The road that takes you to the summit is paved and easy to navigate. This area is also home to the popular Signal Mountain Lodge, as well as a nice campground nestled near the shore of Jackson Lake.

5. String Lake

Located directly at the base of the Teton Mountain Range, String Lake is a popular place for swimming, canoeing and picnicking. The jagged Teton peaks towering directly above you make for a perfect backdrop as you enjoy the area. String Lake is also the trailhead to the classic hike up Paintbrush Canyon and Paintbrush Divide.

6. Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake is where the most popular hike in the park begins, which is the hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. If you enjoy easy hikes with breathtaking scenery, this is a “must do” while visiting Grand Teton National Park. There is also a shuttle boat that takes visitors across Jenny Lake which is very popular and shortens the distance of their hike considerably.

7. Taggart Lake Trail

This short but incredibly scenic trail has one of the most beautiful backdrops in the park. Grand Teton Peak, as well as several other enormous mountains, seem to pose for you as you work your way to Taggart Lake.

8. Moose Junction

Located near the southern end of Grand Teton National Park, Moose Junction offers several fun things to do and see, including an amazing visitor center, an authentic outdoor chuck wagon, and a scenic drive through incredible moose habitat.

9. Highway 89 Overlooks

Between Moose Junction and Moran Junction, highway 89 offers some of the best views of the Teton Mountain Range found anywhere in the park. This scenic drive has 7 scenic overlooks and turnouts, and are all worth the time to enjoy.

10. Jackson, Wyoming

Yes, the tourist town of Jackson, Wyoming is definitely a “must see” while vacationing in Grand Teton National Park. Located 4 miles south of the park’s southern border, this “cowboy town” is full of gift shops, clothing and outdoor stores, galleries, restaurants, whitewater rafting guides, hotels and much more. Jackson is a great place to visit, and is an important part of the Grand Teton experience.