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Five Essential Things That Might Help You For Hajj 2011

Five Essential Things That Might Help You For Hajj 2011

We have compiled a list of five essential things that should help you and keep you comfortable while you undertake this rite of passage.

Book a Hotel Nearby
Booking a hotel which is in a close proximity of Hajj 2011 will take a lot of trouble out of the trip. Journeys from further out will mean taxis or public transport and can be unpleasant and also expensive and time consuming.

A nearby hotel will mean ease of access and make taking part in this event of solidarity a lot more comfortable and a lot easier.

Suitable Clothing
Makkah is a very warm place, with temperatures pushing towards the 40 degree Celsius mark. This added to the crowds and the blazing sun means you should ensure you are wearing the correct sort of clothing.
Make sure to pack an extra Irham for the trek. Those travelling should aim to be as comfortable as possible getting there, and so it is advised to pack and to wear comfortable and baggy clothes for coming to and from the area. Pilgrims should also ensure they have enough socks and underclothes to do them for the days they are on the pilgrimage.

Shawls, sweater and socks should be packed and worn. Men with no hair should wear hats or have something to cover their head from the blistering sun. It is also advised to bring two pairs of inexpensive slippers for entering the mosque on your Hajj package.

The heat also takes its toll on your body’s sweat glands, so ensure you pack enough soap, shampoo and deodorant as you will need. Also pack a small scissors, nail clippers and a razor for shaving the hair and beard for Hajj. Bring towels for drying and detergent for washing your clothes should you need to. Baby wipes are also useful for cleaning yourself and freshening up in the sunshine.

When in a crowd of over three million on Hajj packages, it is not uncommon to come across those that are sick. As all Muslims wish to make a trip for Hajj once in their life some are sure to get sick or develop sickness while there. This illness can spread in close confines and cause others to become sick. Make sure you bring medicines to prevent this.

Band aids, blister patches, antibiotics, pain killers and laxatives and digestive tablets are all useful and may prevent you becoming seriously ill.

Money, documents and accessories for safe keeping
Make sure you have all your documents on your person before going to the airport for Hajj packages 2011. Have your money changed and keep your passport and cash in a safe place while there. Using a money belt is advised, or so is placing your belongings in a hotel safe. This will prevent you having any issues in that department.