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Extreme Travel Insurance

Extreme Travel Insurance

A new warning has been given to those who are looking to save on what can often be an expensive skiing holiday. This may be pointing out the obvious but many finical advisers are saying that travel insurance is a must when going on a skiing or any other kind of activity holiday. Mike Pickard, head of travel insurance at esure, said that while there may be a “greater temptation” not to buy insurance, winter sports carry a degree of risk and ensuring proper protection is “crucial”.

He also pointed out that many are choosing to travel to ski destinations such as Poland because they are cheaper, yet Mike Pickard warns that the resort may not have the best medical facilities available.

More and more reports are saying that people are ditching travel insurance in an effort to save money when going on holiday, but when injury is such a high risk on certain holidays what is the best way to save on essential travel insurance.

When going on an extreme sports holiday travel insurance is essential, there is no way around it, the risk of injuring yourself is far greater and if something bad was to happen the cost would be far higher than the most comprehensive travel insurance cover.

One thing to make clear is that any kind of holiday which has some sort of extreme element will cost more than a week in a resort in Spain. If you are smart about it then there are a number of specialist travel insurance agencies that specialise in this type of cover, meaning that they can offer a far more specialised service at a cheaper price.

Use the internet to find a specialist travel insurance provider, it is the best possible resource available to you. The price comparison website are the best way to get an idea on price, although it is important not to take the quotes as gospel as it is better to explain your holiday to someone so there is no confusion as to what cover you will need.

Once you found the specialist travel insurer the next thing is you need to be honest with the kind of activities you will be doing on your holiday. Many insurers will have different grades of insurance ranging from low risk activities to high risk activities, a little white lie might mean that you are not covered if you do have an accident.

High adrenalin holidays can be extremely exciting and rewarding but it can also cost a lot more money than the average holiday. If you want to go on this kind of holiday then specialist travel insurance is a must. The risk of injury is far greater and the medical bill can be extremely high if the worst was to happen meaning that any attempt to save money by not having travel insurance would be worthless.

Shop around as you are likely to find a good deal, and you will be able to enjoy the holiday a lot more knowing that you are fully covered.