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Enjoy Rotorua’s Walking Tracks With Rotorua Airport Rental Cars

Enjoy Rotorua’s Walking Tracks With Rotorua Airport Rental Cars

If you enjoy holidays that make the most of being active and out in the beautiful New Zealand outdoors, you will love the hundreds of kilometres of walking tracks available in Rotorua. What makes this destination even more appealing for both New Zealanders and Australian visitors – Rotorua’s International Airport. Australian hikers can fly direct from Sydney twice a week and New Zealand residents can fly direct from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch daily. Once you arrive at Rotorua Airport, rental cars are available for you to hire. Vehicle hire makes it easy for you to get to your accommodations and around the wide range of walking tracks home to this central north island town.

Now, where to go hiking? Check out the following walking tracks available in Rotorua.

Hamurana Springs Track
A short 15 – 20 minute drive north-east of central Rotorua awaits the crystal clear waters of Hamurana Springs. This is short walking track, about 20 minutes each way and is suited to all fitness levels and ages.

The Blue Lake Track
Located 9km south of Rotorua, the Blue Lake track will take you 2 hours to complete. Enjoy the beauty of beaches, native bush and the Whakarewarewa Forest. If visiting during summer the beaches are safe to swim in.

The Lake Okareka Walkway
A short 10 minutes drive from Rotorua awaits the 7km Lake Okareka’s Walkway. Listen to the native birdlife as you walk past wetlands and along Silver beach.

Okataina Walkways
Lake Okataina is located 22 km’s north east of Rotorua. The Eastern Okataina Walkway is 8 km’s each way with wonderful views of the lake. There are several tracks of varying lengths to explore:
Te Auheke Track – 40 minutes one way
Ngahopua Track – 50 minutes return trip
Kepa Track – 10 minutes one way
Anaha Track – 60 minutes one way
Tarawhai Track – 50 minutes return trip

Rainbow Mountain Track
Located 26 km south-east of Rotorua, this track will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes one way. This track includes the Rainbow Mountain-Crater Lake Walk which is a short 15 minutes each way and has fantastic views overlooking two crater lakes. There is much to see on the Rainbow Mountain track including views of Mt Tarawera and Lakes Tarawera, Rotomahana and Rerewhakaaitu.

There are plenty more tracks to find and explore within the region too, but hopefully this will help you get started. Rotorua Airport rental car companies are easy to find online, simply type ‘Rotorua Airport rental car’ into your Search Engine of choice and find a reputable company that offers a great range of vehicles to select from. Don’t forget to ask for a map!