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Develop Psychic Abilities With Astral Projection

Develop Psychic Abilities With Astral Projection

Many people believe that psychic ability is something that is not accessible to most of us and that if we do have these abilities then we are somehow gifted or special. Abilities like clairvoyance, or being able to see things that are going to happen, seem to be rare occurrences, but intuition, or having a gut feeling about something and then following it, happens much more often. Intuition is a form of psychic ability, much like clairvoyance and the ability to see auras. We come into this world at birth with a propensity for psychic abilities. Children have particularly strong psychic abilities. Over time, the realities of this temporal world take hold. Because psychic abilities are perceived as abnormal in today’s society, they are effectively squashed from existence at a very young age. Once we lose touch with them, very few of us ever get them back, which leads most people to assume that we never had them to begin with.

Psychic abilities are alive and well within each one of us, if we wish to develop them. There are many ways to develop the dormant psychic traits that we each have within us and all most of them require is a willingness to put in the work. Strengthening your abilities can be as easy as listening to your intuition and acting upon it in all situations. In doing this you will be surprised at the accuracy of your intuition, which strengthens your resolve. Whatever abilities you possess that you want to develop, it is likely that there have been specific exercises created in order to help you do so. One of the best ways to develop your overall capacity for psychic experiences is through conscious astral projection. Astral projection, also called out-of-body experiences, happen to each of us when we go to sleep at night. We actually have several bodies, but only one of them is physical. Our other bodies are energy based and non-local, meaning that they are not confined to time and space.

Astral projection occurs when our astral body leaves our physical body for a time to explore the astral realms, usually while our physical body is at rest during sleep. Since we are not conscious during sleep, we seldom remember these adventures and if we do, they are usually recounted as astral projection dreams. You can learn how to astral project during your waking state in full consciousness and receive the full benefit of being aware of when you are playing in the astral realms. This experience, when achieved while you are conscious of it happening rather than while you are sleeping, is one of the best ways to link your conscious awareness to all of the latent psychic abilities that you have waiting for you in your subconscious; abilities that we all have brewing just under the surface and waiting for your rediscovery. One of the most interesting things that people who are adept at conscious astral travel report is an increase in other psychic abilities such as auric sight, clairvoyance and intuition after beginning their astral journeys.

Astral projection gives us direct access to the subtle realms of light and energy that we are all a part of, subconsciously, every moment of our lives. Perhaps this limited conscious exposure to these subtle realms is all we need to begin to jump, start our own latent psychic abilities into action. Whatever the case, it is clear that people who want to develop their psychic abilities would do well to begin a practice that involves conscious astral projection. Not only is it highly adventurous and exciting to travel the astral unencumbered, but it also apparently strengthens those lifelines to psychic abilities that we may have had shut down as children, giving us a second chance to develop our natural gifts during adulthood.