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Destination Bridgetown, Barbados

Destination Bridgetown, Barbados

The Barbados Island is one of the Caribbean getaways that you might consider. The island is a physical and cultural evidence of the British and the African culture. It was the British who colonized the island together with their African slaves. The main industry of the island ever since was that of the sugarcane plantation. Later on, the slaves acquired their freedom in 1838. Bridgetown acted as a capital of the island ever since. Bridgetown’s center has a popular waterway named the Careenage, which is also one of the attractions of the city. The waterway permits the docking of medium sized yachts and small boats right at the heart of the city of Bridgetown.

There are many options of getting to Barbados. One of the most common ways is to reach the island by plane. Another option is to take a cruise ship, and you will be docked to the port of Bridgetown, where you can shop in the port’s duty free shops. The cruise ships however stay in the docks for a short time only, so if you plan to stay in Bridgetown, it would be better off for you to take the plane. Bridgetown is a busy city, and moving around the area is no problem whether you choose to rent a car or take the public transportation. Deluxe and as well as Cheap hotels are also available in Bridgetown.

Bridgetown is a tourist destination with a mix of the natural and the financial attractions that might fit your interest. Shopping for instance in Bridgetown is a rampant business. Taking into account that the port of Bridgetown is one of the busiest ports in this part of the world, it also serves as a stop for cruise ships, so you can expect a lot of shops on the ports. For an upscale shopping experience you can visit Broad Street, where you can find some of the shops since it is considered as one of the shopping districts of the city. If you want to buy fresh produce from the sea or from the farmlands then you can consider checking out the Cheapside Street Market or the Fairchild Street Market. Both of these places sell only the freshest fruits, fish and vegetables from the area.

Historical sites of Bridgetown include the popular Parliament Buildings, the National Heroes Square and the Queen’s Park. If you decide to into the deeper perspective of the history of the island, you can visit the Barbados Museum or go into the Iron Gardens, a unique garden with sculptures made from used car parts. For those of you who like to take your chances with horse races, then the Garrison Savannah Barbados Turf Club is the place for you. The building was once used for soldier’s barracks but has been transformed to be used for horse races. To experience more of what Bridgetown, or for the matter what Barbados really is one major attraction that you might consider is the Rum Factory and the Heritage Park. Here you will find ancient sugar refinery machineries, a sculpture garden and a sugarcane field. The atmosphere is a firsthand experience of the rustic life of the locals then and now. You can also take a trip at the Caribbean Cigar Co., on this site tours are made to explain how popular cigars are made. The best thing about the place is that samples are given to visitors so you can really taste and experience the cigars fresh from production.

The Barbados Island is known for its white sand beaches and clear waters ideal for diving and water sports. There are a lot of groups which will guide you with your tours or water sport experience. One attraction to consider is the Lord Willoughby, a sunken ship which one can access through diving to the Silver Bank Reef. There are also others to consider like the Eco Dive Barbados, Tiami Catamaran Sailing Cruise and the Silver Moon Charters if you want to explore more of the Barbados in your own pace.

Bridgetown showcases a blend of two major cultures that the world has known. The blend of the British and the African influence has made the place a crossover of two traditions resulting to a very rich history and culture.