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Dangers of Scuba Diving

Dangers of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving takes you to an entirely different world. To enter this world one needs to take the necessary training, without which the diver life could be in jeopardy. Like in all other adventure sport scuba diving is not free from danger. Necessary precautions need to be taken to ensure a smooth and happy diving journey. The dangers of scuba diving can be classified into two categories. The first danger lies within the ocean and second in the individual itself.

Scuba divers should keep themselves updated about the marine life around that region and the risk involved there. This will help them to avoid animals that turn aggressive on being approached. The weather forecast and the current beneath and the water conditions of on the date of the dive also need to be kept in mind. There is a possibility that the diver may get too engrossed in viewing the beauty at the bottom of the sea and swimming against the current may make it difficult for him to reach his destination.

Getting trained through certified classes of scuba diving will help the diver to encounter the dangers. Divers should make sure that all their equipments are in good condition and working properly. The scuba diver needs to show a certain level of responsibility too.

The diver needs to remember his lessons well while venturing in the sea. Taking things for granted and forgetting his lesson could go against him and is a foremost danger of scuba diving. Diving with an accomplice having more experience could reduce the danger of scuba diving.

A good presence of mind and the ability to handle a dangerous situation without panicking can get you over the dangers of scuba diving.

Avoid diving while suffering from cold, allergies and infections, as intake of some of the medications could make you lethargic and somnolent.

A common problem that scuba divers experience is ear pain is mainly caused due to pressure changes. The medical terminology for this is squeeze. Barotrauma can also be caused due to scuba diving. When parts of the body that contains air for example the lungs, the stomach, the chest, the intestines and cavity get affected deep underwater due to excessive pressure causes barotrauma. The other problems related to scuba diving are bruises, scrapes and cuts which normally occur due to shipwrecks and coral and reefs.

Diving too fast also causes serious consequences and over expansion and contraction of lungs could result in serious disabilities. So remember not to be reckless and hasty while scuba diving.