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Cyprus an Island to Discover

Cyprus an Island to Discover

Lights, colors, beautiful landscapes, this is the island that gave birth to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and of Love. The Goddess of the island also has its name: in fact, Greek Aphrodite was known as “Kipris”.

Third largest in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus everything from ‘welcome: her people so kind, available, friendly and hospitable, always ready to smile.

With its rich vegetation, the ‘island is a paradise not only for nature lovers. E ‘un’ island of beauty and contrasts, and offers a surprising variety of landscapes: from lush mountains, beautiful beaches and sunny throughout the ‘year, the crystalline depths of the sea.

Following the ‘turkish military intervention of 1974 the island was divided into two areas: the South, namely the Republic of Cyprus and the northern part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The southern part is the most developed and organized tourism. Since May 2004 the Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union.

Convenient connecting flights from the international airport of Larnaca. Italian citizens can enter Cyprus with a valid identity card for foreign travel, but minors need a passport or be included on the parents. The most famous to stay are: Protaras, Aya Napa, Limassol and Paphos.

Protaras is a modern tourist center which is located in the Bay of Famagusta to near Aya Napa. Considered the most beautiful coast in the seaside tourism, here bays alternate with stretches of sand for gold or even white, lapped by a turquoise sea of crystalline transparency, interrupted here and there by rocky caves and small inlets. Famous for its windmills, this area has the best facilities for water sports. Point d ‘meeting place for young people from across Europe in search of fun in the hotels, pubs, taverns and nightclubs open until late at night.

Aya Napa, once a small fishing village, now is a lively seaside resort much frequented.

It ‘s the most suitable for youngsters: E’ a hymn to youth, carefree life, movement, joy. You eat, drink and dance all day: recommended for those who seek sea, sun and nightlife. Its beaches are sandy and the famous Nissi Beach is renowned for the beauty of the water.

Limassol is the commercial heart of ‘island and ideal starting point for many tours and excursions: Castle Lemessos with the Medieval Museum, the Theater of Kourion, the District Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Municipal Gallery d’ Art and public gardens. If you happen to Limassol in September, do not miss the Wine Festival: Ten days of celebration continues!

Paphos is the pearl of the west coast. Capital of ‘island in Roman times, today is a small, lovely town, offering unparalleled scenery, a beautiful coastline, a treasure of immense historical importance consists of buildings of the third century. A. C. with the famous mosaics that were included in the list of Paphos’ locations of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of ‘Humanity. The extremely mild climate, geographical position, the sea, the rocky coastline, the wilderness of the Akamas nature park make it a paradise for lovers of nature and the sea. Heart of the city is the characteristic fishing port of Paphos Fort, surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants where traditional dishes served daily. The scenery around Paphos, with crops of bananas and propaggini sloping hills of the Western Troodos Mountains, is an ‘attractive. Just on the Troodos Mountains un’escursione dell ‘day will discover the true heart of Cyprus with a visit to the mountain villages where time has stood still: a Kakopetria will visit the medieval village famous for the charm and beauty of ancient homes. Other typical Cypriot village Lania is famous for its wine. It is worth devoting a visit to Kikko, the most famous monastery on the island. For the visit to the Monastery, men and women should be dressed in a decent (no shorts).


The Cyprus problem is not what to buy, but do not buy: the craft is full of characteristic products.

A good place for viewing is the center of ‘Cypriot handicrafts to Lefkosia. Interesting local production of the typical terracotta artefacts, original and inexpensive. Lace “lefkaritika” of ancient Venetian tradition, objects of copper and filigree ‘s silver fabric typical, processed all’ crochet or frame, objects in wood and wicker baskets, are a few of the many things that tourists love to bring house, not to mention the brandy of Cyprus, which can be purchased in bulk, the Commandaria (also known as the “wine of the Gods”) and ‘halloumi, a typical cheese of Cyprus. Convenient and varied, the ‘leather craft a truly competitive prices.


Cypriot cuisine is a cuisine with strong Mediterranean influences Arabs. The meal starts sipping a “ouzo” brandy to taste d ‘anise, accompanied by a plate of “meze”, assorted appetizers appetizing. Simple dishes based on fresh ingredients, local cheese, fish and meat grilled with lots of music and wine are inevitable in many taverns. And then Kebab, moussaka, and desserts such as soujoukko (almonds dipped in juice of ‘hot grape cool fact) and kadeifi, local honey cakes.


nightlife satisfy all tastes and all ages. You can choose among a thousand restaurants scattered throughout the island, many of which are performed traditional music accompanied by folk dances. There are also discos and night clubs. There’s even the possibility of aiding a Shakespearean or representations made in Greek tragedies in the ancient theater scene in the moonlight of Cyprus.


All locations are connected by an efficient road network. The taxi service allows you to achieve inter –

by car all the centers of ‘island (during the day) room rates contained. Bus routes linking major cities. For small shifts are available to hire scooters and bicycles. It’s possible to rent a’ car for which the license is simply Italian. The drive on the LEFT!


In Cyprus, the climate is favorable and exceptionally mild with a season running from April to November. From June to September the average temperature is 32 ° Celsius from March to May and from October to November 25 th, from December to February down to around 16 degrees.