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Christian Matrimony – An Elegant Ceremony

Christian Matrimony – An Elegant Ceremony

Christian Matrimony is solemnized in churches with lots of fun and enjoyment. As in other communities, Christian matrimony is also divided into pre wedding, wedding and post wedding customs and traditions. People from the Christian community are spread all over the world and therefore, some of the wedding customs and traditions within this community differ from country to country.

A Bridal shower is organized for the Christian bride as a pre- wedding ritual which is filled with lot of joy, fun and laughter. This is more or less like an informal hen party where lots of female friends and cousins of the bride get together and indulge in lot of dancing, music and fun. Sometimes games that are suitable for the occasion are also played. The Christian bride-to-be is offered gifts from the family, relatives and friends and is showered with blessings to lead a happy and blissful married life. On this wonderful occasion, the bride also serves a pink cake to all those who are present. This is a unique custom wherein a thimble is hidden inside the cake and whosoever gets the piece of cake with this hidden thimble is believed to be the next in line of getting married.

Another high point of a Christian matrimonial is the wedding dress worn by the Christian bride. A white wedding gown is traditionally worn by the bride that ranges from a simple gown to highly embellished and a netted one. The head of the bride is covered with a white veil and she wears a tiara on her head. This tiara is generally diamond studded or made up of a bunch of flowers. Both give a magnificent look to the bride. She also holds a bouquet of flowers in her hand which she throws towards her girl friends after getting married. It is believed that the one who catches this bouquet gets married next. The trail of the gown is also a unique feature. In some cases it is small and sober and in some magnificent marriages, it is quite long. The entire ensemble looks mesmerizingly beautiful and adds to the beauty of the Christian bride.

The groom wears a formal suit which is normally black or navy blue in color. A bachelor’s party is organized for the groom which is an informal party where the host of the party is the groom himself. Normally organized a day before the wedding, it is actually a kind of a stag party where the groom along with his friends enjoys his last night of bachelorhood. It’s a pre wedding bash wherein there is a lot of excitement in the air and toasts are also raised for the groom.

It’s a very emotional moment for the Christian bride at the time of the wedding when she enters the church, taking support of her father’s arms.The bride is followed by the bridesmaids and the maid of honor. The best man greets her and takes her to the groom. It is a spectacular view when the trail of the bride is lifted by the bridesmaids. The priest then starts with the marriage vows which are repeated by both the bride and the groom after which the priest announces them as man and wife.

The friends, relatives and all the other guests then follow the bride and groom outside the church where the bride throws her bouquet towards her friends and sisters. After this, a communion service takes place in the evening where all guests assemble for a lovely feast. The wedding cake is another unique aspect of Christian matrimony. It is eaten by them together symbolizing living together ever after. After this wedding feast, the Christian bride and groom leave for their honeymoon. The whole affair is very elegant and filled with best wishes from friends, family and relatives.