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Business Taxicab Etiquette – How to Handle Taxi Travel With Ease and Confidence

Business Taxicab Etiquette – How to Handle Taxi Travel With Ease and Confidence

When you host business guests around town in a taxi, you want to show sophistication during your ride and as you pay the fare. There are several ways to take the hassle out of taxi travel. For starters, call ahead to inquire about the approximate length of time, distance, and cost before you engage a driver. An unscrupulous driver can take you on a “fool’s ride” before you arrive at your destination. Determine your route ahead of time. Once seated, convey that route to the driver. If your instructions should be ignored, thus causing your ride to take longer and cost more, you have the right to pay less than the displayed fare.

When you are sharing the cost of the ride with a business associate, calling ahead to book a taxi gives you and your associate an advantage, and shows initiative on your part. Knowing the fare in advance will make sure that you are not overcharged or surprised with a high fee. Both you and your associate will be well prepared to pay the fare and to tip the driver at journey’s end.

Taxicab companies may charge different rates, depending on the county where the company is registered. If in doubt, use a company you know and trust. If you ask the driver to take you to more than one destination or need to hire the driver for an entire day, be sure to inquire about an hourly rate. That rate could be substantially less expensive. An hourly rate also eliminates any problems that could arise from the running meter, assures you of a mode of transportation for the duration of your trip, and save the potential hassle of hailing several taxicabs.

Courtesy requires that you let your associate step into the taxi first, and when possible, open the door for the associate. This is not only good manners, it ensures that the other passenger is safely and comfortably seated in the vehicle. When safe to do so, walk around the back of the vehicle and enter through the opposite rear passenger door so that your associate is not forced to climb over the seats.

When three passengers are traveling together, it is appropriate for the junior person to sit in the front seat, and for you and the principal to sit in the rear seat. You will want to face one another during any business discussion.

Unfortunately, traffic delays are unavoidable, but many passengers find them extremely frustrating. Do not let yourself become angry with the driver, as this will only reflect negatively on your level of maturity.

Here are more tips for a pleasant taxicab ride…

* If you need to hail a taxicab during rush hour, look for a hotel – the most likely place to find a taxi.
* Observe all rules posted in he cab regarding food, beverages, and smoking.
* Do not “stiff” the driver. A 15 percent tip is average, but tip 20 percent if you have more than two bags, or if the driver has made extra stops.

Business taxicab travel has its challenges. You can meet those challenges and represent your company with assurance simply by observing the basics of taxicab etiquette. When you do so, you can relax, enjoy the company of your guests, and concentrate on the business matters that led you to travel by taxicab.