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Bonaire Diving Highs

Bonaire Diving Highs

The Mecca of Scuba Diving

The sea at its best is in Bonaire. The water is clear and teems with the flora and fauna of the sea. The vast stretch of alabaster sand, the warm climate, gentle murmur of the waves belie the strange but wonderful world that only scuba divers can behold. Bonaire is the mecca of the diving elite, and Bonaire diving sites are truly exceptional.

The warm waters of the Bonaire make it an ideal scuba diving and snorkeling haven all year long. Diver guides are always around to lead divers and other revelers. The law requires that divers show a permit to the diving operators that they are allowed to dive in certain depths. This is a regulation in Bonaire. Diving activities are not allowed until they have attended a refresher course on diving.

Surviving and Living With Tourism

Once they have fulfilled this requirement, they can go diving the following day. On the first day tourists search for Bonaire diving operating outfits to ask about the different Bonaire diving sites. Just going along the strip is relaxing after long hours of air travel.

Bonaire is on the south Caribbean but it has managed to preserve its environment with the enforcement of strict environmental laws. Tourists are warned against littering and picking anything on land and sea. So the island remains pristine despite the influx of tourists.

Bonaire Diving, Snorkeling, and Windsurfing

What makes Bonaire diving sites fantastic? The reef is so close, there is no need to hire a boat to see the reef. One can wade until he reaches the reef and prepares for the fantastic drop, which is about 35 yards offshore. Once he dives into a 100 or 120 depth, he can still see the sliver of sunlight. The routine here is wade and drop.

Deeper into the blue, Bonaire diving experts can see more interesting water species, Those who are hesitant to venture into the deep can enjoy the snorkeling in the shallower portions. Visibility is excellent, and they can see the bottom of the diving craft 70 to 120 feet from below.

Surfing the wind is another sport best done in the vast expanse of the sea surrounding Bonaire.

Diving Sites and Shops

There are some 90 dive sites in island. Bonaire diving sites are categorized according to skill level. Dive sites for the experienced and licensed have stronger currents, and beginners and intermediate divers have their designated sites.

The Marine Park offers a memorable experience for those who snorkel along the area. This is a veritable paradise for rare sea species, and colorful corals. Here, the view is indeed breathtaking.

On land, the different shops and hotels vie for business. Hotels offer special discounted room rates for groups. One can have accommodations for four nights and three days at only $280 (non-diver) if he or she shares the dorm with 5 others.

Friends can share an apartment and have all the amenities and convenience for only $800 or less. The 6-day package includes unlimited air fills and boat dives. For such a magnificent place, the price is affordable.

The different shops have different specials. Many rent out tanks and other scuba diving gear. They offer boat trips to diving sites and these trips include the use of a tank. Some shops offer beginners’ and advanced diving courses.

Get Going

On land or on sea, Bonaire has something more than interesting to show. It has a magic all of its own. Plan your trip for next year. If you can, spend you holidays here and go Bonaire diving, and snorkeling.