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Bahamas Bimini Island – A Paradise With Endless Beauty and Tranquility

Bahamas Bimini Island – A Paradise With Endless Beauty and Tranquility

The Bimini Island of Bahamas is closest island to America and is a very popular destination for Americans. The Bimini Island is 40 nautical miles from Miami, Florida and provides perfect getaway to popular Bimini Island for vacation. The Bimini Island is made of chain of islands, the largest islands being north and south Bimini.

The Bimini island is couple of hundred feet wide and couple of miles long providing most sparkling crystal clear water and visibility in underwater over 80-100 feet. The island of Bimini is between the Great Bahama bank and the Gulf Stream, surrounded with many cays giving view of sparkling water. The island was discovered by Ponce De Leon in early 1500. The island is also world famous for sport fishing, numerous games are organized in this island for locals and tourist.

The two major highway are King and Queen highway. The north Bimini spread into seven miles long which is approximately 11 kilometers and two hundred ten meter wide. The main town on north Bimini is Alice Town, which hosts numerous shops, bars and restaurants around King’s Highway. The south is known for Biological Field Station a extension of University of Miami studying marine ecosystems. The field station is locally known as Shark Lab. In compare to north Bimini the south offers quite setting for those looking spiritual connection. There is small airport on south Bimini to connect with other island and connection to outside world. Popular Activities in Bimini Island are Fishing, Scuba diving, Boating, and Snorkeling.

  • Facts about Bimini Island/>
  • Popular for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.
  • In 1926 a ship named “SS Sapona” went down in water, the top part of ship is visible from air and bottom half is submerged. This site is used by Scuba divers to discover the submerged ship and snjoy scuba diving experience.
  • Part of wood wreckage from SS Sapona was used in building the Angler Hotel on north Bimini.
  • Many songs filmed on Bimini, the popular one are “I Love You” Bimini.
  • The last film scene in “The Silence of Lamb” was filmed on north Bimini.
  • The 500 pound Blue Marlin was caught off the coast on Bimini Island.
  • Famous for big fishing events.
  • Bimini (Bi-mini) also means Mother of many water.

How to get in Bimini Island

The new airport is in south Bimini, tourist can take TAXI or private cars from airport to nearest ferry. The time taken by ferry from south Bimini to north Bimini is five minutes, where the major attraction is. You can reach to Bimini, either by Sea plane, air plane or by boats, if you are adventurous take sea route.

The best way to explore Bimini is either on foot, bicycle or golf cart. That is all you need to explore north Bimini. While you can eat, shop and drink around King’s highway where most of shops are located and then head to Queens highway where most of the beaches are. Best time to visit Bimini is April to July, when seas are calm and it is perfect for fishing and scuba diving. Most of the tourist visit during this period.