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Astral Projection Dangers – The Darker Shades of the Soul

Astral Projection Dangers – The Darker Shades of the Soul

The various dangers ranging from demonic spirits to lost souls are involved in the vague practices of Astral traveling.

Though the very concept of Astral Projection is intriguing to say the least, it is wise to be fully aware of the astral traveling dangers involved in the process just to be on the safer side.

The fear of the unknown, one of the most primal and basic fears that have haunted mankind for long, applies to astral travelling too due to its vague and seemingly abstract nature. This fear has generated a negative attitude towards OOBE and its various practices, and has lead to the rise of numerous unfounded theories on how unsafe it is.

Death during astral travel is the primary concern for many people, for they believe that astral projection dangers pose additional risks to the body and it is susceptible to external forces.

The fact is a person undergoing an out of body experience is open to the same dangers that he may face when he exists in the physical world. Astral projection dangers do not pose any new risk or harm the physical body in any way whatsoever.

Some practitioners of astral travel believe that the silver cord, the one that links your soul to your body, can be cut by anyone wishing to interfere with the astral travel process and intentionally cause harm. However, there have been no recorded instances of the above event happening, and hence the risk is almost negligible.

People with preexisting heart conditions should however refrain from practicing any astral arts. This is because the shock of finding their astral selves outside their physical body may be too much for their heart to take and may even trigger heart failure. For this reason, practitioners stress upon the fact that those wishing to explore the astral domain must be in perfect health with no history of heart disorders.

Yet another general fear of astral projection dangers is that the soul may not be able to find its way back to the physical body from the spiritual plane. This is highly unlikely and absolutely ridiculous because the mind will never forget to return to the body no matter what happens.

People who are worried about demonic and evil forces inhabiting their physical body when it is unprotected and uninhabited by their astral self can heave a sigh of relief too, as these forces can invade a physical body only when they are invited to do so. We may even seek protection from higher spiritual beings before projecting our astral selves to prevent any such incidents from occurring, anyway.

There are some actual astral projection dangers that people need to be aware of during an OOBE. A variety of negative forces and demonic entities inhabit the astral plane and these are particularly malevolent. There have been numerous reports of people’s encounters with these malevolent beings, but still these encounters are rare among the higher planes. Demonic forces inhabit the lower astral planes, hence when done under the guidance of a proper instructor and according to the right astral technique; the process is very safe and straightforward.

Astral traveling is as exhilarating as it is intriguing. It has its perks and minuses like everything else in the world, hence being aware of what may go wrong will only uplift and add flavor to the whole experience.