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Aboriginal Astral Travel

Aboriginal Astral Travel

Ancient Astral Wonder

Little do we know about the aborigines of Australia, even less we know about their ancient culture and their astral wondering.

Indeed: The Australian Aborigines practiced astral wondering thousands of years ago…

Who are the Australian Aborigines?

There are several theories about their origin and their landing on present Australia. Their origin is most probably from the Indian subcontinent and they migrated to Australia over 40.000 years ago. If by boat, it would be through Indonesia, if by land, it would be when Australia was still connected to land or over the ice tens of thousands of years ago.

Whichever way they arrived is not our topic in here. What we aim to draw your attention to in this article is the Dream Time as it is known by the aborigines, the culture which they learn through storytelling and things they have in common with other theological references and science, Such as the story of creation.

The Dreamtime refers to a time before time, an outside of time, in which the past, present and future coexist at the same time, sharing parallels with the story of Genesis and the time of creation. Only in dreamtime life follows a cycle in which there is no real beginning and no real end.

Dreamtime, also called The Dreaming, consists of four parts:

The beginning of all;
the life and power of the ancestors;
the way of life and death;
and power in life.

It is more powerful than time and space. The aborigines call Dreamtime the all-at-once time referring to the past, present, and future at the same time.

Aborigines believe that people have a part of them which is eternal. And it existed before ones birth and will exist after ones death. It exists in The Dreamtime.

Their notion of space and identity stresses on their concept of movement in relation to space and time. The Dreamtime stories contain, moral, spiritual, and psychic understanding, all kinds of practical information. They move through space, and we move through time.

Their Dreamtimes is a mystical spiritual experience, its myth contains fragmented memories of their early history. They also believe in oneness of person, body, spirit, ghost, shadow, name, spirit site and totem”. Their dreaming is not a historical event but rather a vertical string in which past and present meet at one point. They regard dreaming as a unity of reality and dream life. Example, If one wants to achieve something in reality one must first find it in dream life and bring it into reality. Their dreaming involves many activities including the action of spirits and their travel to sacred sites. They chose their medicine man based upon his history of successful trances and visions initiating new recruits with magic rituals involving spirit beings. Rituals involve fear, isolation and suggestion, while preparing for initiation by a two-month fast. He may be given “new insides”, and quartz crystals may enter his body to provide power. He is given magic (astral) rope enabling him to fly through the air (have an out-of-body experience or OBE). He acquires X-ray vision from what is called Maben stones.

Healing involves songs or spells, in the presence of quartz crystals, tektites (small rounded, dark brown to green glassy objects that are composed of silicate glass and are thought to have been formed by impact of a meteorite with the earth’s surface), shells or special stones. Techniques include sleight of hand, ventriloquism, massaging and sucking, and acute perception and hearing.

Medicine men supposedly had such powers at will; they were excellent magicians. With psychic abilities resulted from openness to experience, disregards to time factor, and the quiet and solitude of the bush, Sorcery, telepathy over huge distances, X-ray vision, sending the “dream familiar” out of the body (OBE), hypnotism, and fire-walking.

Aborigines tell about the beginning of creation, and their description of the event is very similar to what is mentioned in the Bible and the Quran even though they date thousands of years back and long before these religions, hinting to the oneness of the source and its origin.

Once again we notice a repetition of human interests ever since the dawn of humanity and ever since the first man walked on earth.

Past, present and the future are connected indeed.

Mythology, theology and science are bound to meet for they share common interests.