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A Thousand and More Reasons to Visit Barbados

A Thousand and More Reasons to Visit Barbados

Ever wonder why a small island-nation that houses less than 300,000 citizens has attracted more than 250,000 tourists yearly? And why despite being a bit secluded and tiny, they are ranked 51st richest country in the world?
There is no other way to discover and search for the answers but to aboard a plane or charter a cruise ship that will take you and your family or friends in Barbados. The extravagance of the island greets tourists from coast to coast. From the words of the people who have gone and took pleasure during Barbados holidays, the island is one of the finest places on earth, with no exaggeration, just 100% reality.

Barbados has a relatively lower crime rate compared to other nations within the Caribbean, families, friends and kids are sure to be secured and will leave the island safe and sound. Furthermore, Bajans are one of the best people in the world in terms of hospitality and cheerfulness. There is no single tension between visitors and the locals. What is more surprising is that tourists can roam around the island and immerse themselves in a conversation with the locals while savoring the world’s most excellent taste of rum.

Speaking of rum, there are more than 15,000 rum stores around the island, so there is no reason why guests would not be able to experience the taste of rum right in its own abode and country of origin. Perhaps the best match for the drink is a good set of world-renowned Barbadian dish like flying fish and macaroni pie. Barbados holidays will never be complete without the food and rum.

Night life is also one of the main attractions during your Barbados holidays. The long stretch of St. Lawrence Gap houses numerous bars that play good jazz and reggae music, with fine cocktails and food.

The island is also home to the most luxurious beaches and hotels in the world. Families will surely be safe and sheltered as they spend their week-long vacation in hotels inside Sandy Lane, Tamarind Cove, Brighton Beach and more. The more exclusive and quiet hotels in Little Arches within Christ Church will surely cast a romantic spell in couple’s Barbados holidays. A magnificent time within the West Coast or the Platinum Coast should be captured by the lenses, as the views are very panoramic and the favorite of most professional photographers around the globe.

Windsurfers, parasailing and some extreme water sports will certainly be enjoyed while at the eastern coast of Barbados, like the Silver Beach. As the waves here are rugged, professional and amateur surfers thrive in this corner of the island.

Barbados was luckily out of the hurricane and tropical storm path, beach lovers are invited to explore the picturesque island all year round. The tropical climate is a friend to those who would love to get that natural golden tan.