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A Review of the Superdry Rucksack

A Review of the Superdry Rucksack

Every reputable backpack distributor manufacturers an all-purpose, rugged pack built for the specific purpose of taking on the toughest of outdoor terrain. The Superdry rucksack is Superdry’s version of such a backpack. It is crafted for ease of use under normal conditions and has the potential to withstand most weather elements. It is contemporary in style, and innovative in design with features you would normally expect from an outdoor backpack. It also comes in many colors and similar type models.

The Superdry Baden rucksack is the most durable of the rucksack family and presents a genuine image of strength and lasting durability. It’s constructed from breathable cotton fibers to properly aerate after a long day in the field and is offered in standard navy with brown leather trim to prevent fraying around the edges.

The rucksack has a large main compartment of 5.5 inches in-depth with an inner zipped pouch for small item storage and tightly seals via drawstring and stylish metal buckle for secure fastening of your important belongings. The two fashioned outer pockets on the left and right side of its exterior allow for quick and easy storage of your materials while on the go, using sling fasteners for added convenience to draw tight and snug.

The Baden rucksack comes equipped with adjustable straps made from the same material as the bag itself. This could be the only negative aspect of the backpack in my opinion as these straps are not padded in any way and may cause some discomfort if used in situations where you are highly active like hiking or biking.

Its price is 175 dollars, a little expensive in comparison to other models on the market of this type. Overall, we feel this backpack is more of a luxury item primarily used for casual everyday wear as opposed to extreme outdoor, mobile activity.

The Super Mountain Rucksack

The second version of the Superdry rucksack is the super mountain rucksack which closely resembles the Baden in size and form with a few unique twists to mention. The bottom of this bag is protectively covered in a polyurethane coating to guard against scuffing and ground wear. This added bonus will surely add extra life to your backpack.

The Super Mountain Rucksack offers three external compartments with two buckle fastened pockets positioned on the left and right and a zipper center pocket for a little extra storage in the rear. The main compartment fastens using the same drawstring system as the Baden without the buckle strap and the shoulder straps are also the same as earlier mentioned.

Its made from 100 percent cotton with polyester-cotton blend lining. The average dimensions for this bag are 15.8 inches in width and 22 inches in height which make it a pretty large and capable backpack if you’re looking for something that can carry a load.

Embroidered logos stenciled fore and aft and from side to side as Superdry loves to advertise its many logos. The price for the super mountain is 300 dollars, much more than I had expected for such a backpack as it also seems primarily for casual and light usage.

The Super Scouthut Rucksack

The last bag in the Superdry rucksack series is the super scouthut rucksack which resembles something of a hybrid between the other two rucksack bags. It has the most girth of the three, standing in at 16 inches in height and 17 inches in width and also fabricated from pure cotton fibers and leather trim. The scouthut offers two color combinations, army & cream and worn blue & burnt orange, each with their own unique, rustic appeal.

Of the four compartments, one large main and three smaller on the outer surface, each fastened tightly with their own boy scout type, sling fastener, and the center pocket can zip off if needed for your convenience. The scouthut is passionately decorated in spirited Superdry fashion with a large collection of its many logos to add to its vintage decor and priced at 200 dollars.

I don’t personally own a Superdry rucksack, though they do look like nice backpacks, they are very expensive when you compare them with others used in the same arena. They are better suited for someone searching for a nice, complementary backpack for school or work.