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A Guide to Khartoum, the Capital of Sudan!

A Guide to Khartoum, the Capital of Sudan!

Nowadays many people want to seek the exotic, the adventurous are traveling all over the world to understand various cultures, to take in different languages and fall in love with their eccentricities. Khartoum is one such pulsating city, which is clearly rising to newer levels through global standards. It boasts of the famous Nile and relaxing river cruises accompanied by lavish lunch and dinner buffets. It shows off a different world of summer afternoons filled with siestas sweet summer fruit. It is an old city suddenly becoming modern, devising ways to come up to contemporary standards. It is the capital of Sudan and that of Khartoum State. Khartoum is all about people, they are friendly, happy, and the population of Khartoum, pushes above a million.

The city is becoming fast paced and on its way to being converted into a rather appealing metropolis. The city is dotted with landscaped parks, few but towering malls, and urban cafes selling hubble bubble and coffee. Most of the people here are followers of Islam, but the locals respect people of other religions and cultures as long as their own culture doesn’t feel treaded upon Khartoum is quite welcoming to foreigners.

Before planning to move to Khartoum you must read up on it. A few points to need to consider might be adherence to a moral code it is going to make your stay in Khartoum a satisfactory. Khartoum’s architecture is outlined with Islamic motifs and patterns. It is an interesting mix of ethnic and modern. If you happen to be in the city for a business or pleasure trip, the most convenient form of accommodation would be to either rent an apartment or buy your own.

Renting is a suitable option for most travelers as it is no secret that airfare and accommodation are quite expensive. So next time if you are flying down to Khartoum on business but do not wish to spend a whole lot of money on expensive and fancy hotels then a viable solution is to rent service apartments. When you think about apartment blocks you might worry about how safe they are and how good is their standard of cleanliness? But rest assured the service apartments in Khartoum are impeccable in this department. Whatever the duration of your stay may be, the apartment owners in Khartoum ensure that you must live in a clean and happy environment.

For most tourists and travelers, preference to Central Khartoum is given because of its prime location, as it is easily accessible to all the other parts of the city. They range from one or two and even three large bedrooms, with double or twin beds, depending upon your choice. You can arrange for spacious sitting area and or dining room with sofas, dining table and TV depending on your needs. Other features include, fully tiled kitchens, with an easy access to all cooking facilities and utensils. The bathrooms are completely tiled and they also come along with bath and shower. Khartoum is a hot city, extra strength air conditioning along with water-based coolers are available in most apartments.